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Fantasy Football Hall of Fame

Competition Winner Runner Up
Premier League 2020/2021 George's Best (Colin Thacker) 1528 Points Spatey's Third Team (Mark Spate) 1408 Points
Premier League 2019/2020 George's Best (Colin Thacker) 1433 Points Obi Wan Kenobi Nil (Dave Thacker) 1377 Points
Premier League 2018/2019 Philadelphia Mass Turbulence 1947 (Dave Thacker) 1393 Points Team Bush (Chris Vincent) 1392 Points
Premier League 2017/2018 George's Best (Colin Thacker) 1410 Points Perfect Toadstools (Steve Wheddon) 1348 Points
Premier League 2016/2017 George's Best (Colin Thacker) 1220 Points Sheepdog Wanderers (Paul Taylor) 1113 Points
Premier League 2015/2016 George's Best (Colin Thacker) 1203 Points Team Bush (Chris Vincent) 1167 Points
Premier League 2014/2015 Perfect Toadstools (Steve Wheddon) 1085 Points Team Bush (Chris Vincent) 1017 Points
Premier League 2013/2014 Team Bush (Chris Vincent) 1093 Points You know who I am....I'm winning the treble this season.. (Navid Asman) 1040 Points
Premier League 2012/2013 Asman FC (Navid Asman) 1257 Points Team Bush (Chris Vincent) 1249 Points
Premier League 2011/2012 Asman FC (Navid Asman) 1192 Points Groeny's Gang (Mark Groen) 1181 Points
Premier League 2010/2011 Wallop (Grant Nichols) 1072 Points Uruguayan Referees Fan Club (Pete Bonnett) 1058 Points
World Cup 2010 Eurovision Winners 2010 (Troy Baines) 189 Points Bloody Vuvuzelas (Pete Bonnett) 184 Points
World Cup 2010 Predictions Chris Hutt 300 Points Chris 'Chopper' Vincent 270 Points
Premier League 2009/2010 Fallen Idols (Martin Smith) 1145 Points Solo United (James Solomon) 1124 Points
Premier League 2008/2009 Is Neil at Bloody Stoke again - Heather's WAG Team (Heather Street) 1103 Points Whoops (Dr Rachel Vincent) 1088 Points
EURO 2008 The Crushinators (Ben Truslove) 138 Points Gooch Gods (Beth Truslove) 136 Points
Premier League 2007/2008 I Don't Believe It! (Chris Hutt) 1220 Points BFSG Till I Die...! (Gareth Edwards) 1091 Points
Premiership 2006/2007 The Heroes of Steve (Steve Wheddon) 1085 Points Welcome to Paradise (Dave Thacker) 1047 Points
World Cup 2006 The Heroes of Steve (Steve Wheddon) 183 Points Team Bush (Chris Vincent) 172 Points
Premiership 2005/2006 Discharge United (Ben Truslove) 1150 Points Stevey's Heroes (Steve Wheddon) 1136 Points
Premiership 2004/2005 Footballs Coming Home (Anna Wheddon) 1131 Points Lots and lots of thought have gone into this team!! (Dirty Eddie Putman) 1126 Points
Euro 2004 Perfect Toadstools (Steve Wheddon) 150 Points Team Bush (Chris Vincent) 122 Points

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