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Chopper's Domain FA Barclaycard Premiership Fantasy Football League Table

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  Team NameWeekly PointsPoints
Change in Position1Obi Wan – Kenobi Nil (Dave Thacker)37958
Change in Position2Philadelphia Mass Turbulence1947 (Dave Thacker)33914
Change in Position3George's Best (Colin Thacker)43893
Change in Position4Spatey's First Team (Mark Spate)27890
Change in Position5Daves Random XI (David Hall)26869
Change in Position6Perfect Toadstools (Steve McWeeve)24862
Change in Position7Audi Cup Champions - You'll never sing that! (Pete Bonnett)28852
Change in Position8Team Bush (Chris Vincent)29851
Change in Position9Mo Salah, Mo Salah (Megan Vincent)22814
Change in Position10Spatey’s Third Team (Mark Spate)11810
Change in Position11Ajaxtreesdown (Mangat Amoul)18803
Change in Position12The A team (Graham Squires)26798
Change in Position13Spatey’s Fifth Team (Mark Spate)23796
Change in Position14Choppers Moaning 11 (Jonathan Rudge)26793
Change in Position15Spatey's Second Team (Mark Spate)27768
Change in Position16Sheepdog Wanderers (Paul Taylor)26764
Change in Position17Spatey’s Fourth Team (Mark Spate)18750
Change in Position18Nil United (Nilesh Mistry)14749
Change in Position19Chris' Grump Bags (Jonathan Rudge)17748
Change in Position20Hilton FC (Matt Thompson)26740
Change in Position21Asman FC (Navid Asman)8736
Change in Position22The Donkey Dungeon Strikes Back (Pedro Mendoza)21724
Change in Position23Whatever (Dr Rachel Vincent)14712
Change in Position24Lilys team (Dr Rachel Vincent)7709
Change in Position25Fork Handles (Dave Thacker)20695
Change in Position26Aeronians (Paul Taylor)26676
Change in Position27We ate all the pies (Paul Taylor)12578
Change in Position28Michael Bolton wanderers (Graham Squires)11511
Change in Position29Pez Albion (Susan Perry)8502
Change in Position30Pezza United (Susan Perry)4338

Table last updated: February 18th 2020 (08:40)

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