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Chopper's Domain Premier League Fantasy Football League Table

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  Team NameWeekly PointsPoints
Change in Position1George's Best (Colin Thacker)4772
Change in Position2Philadelphia Mass Turbulence 1947 (Dave Thacker)0727
Change in Position3Spatey's First Team (Mark Spate)4710
Change in Position4Wijnaldum Leviosa (Mangat Amoul)4706
Change in Position5Spatey’s Third Team (Mark Spate)4689
Change in Position6Emily’s All Stars (Colin Render)5685
Change in Position7Mo Salah, Mo Salah (Megan Vincent)4675
Change in Position8RENEGADE MASTER - Back Once Again (Ben Truslove)4666
Change in Position9Return of the Donkey Dungeon (Pedro Mendoza)4660
Change in Position10Team Bush (Chris Vincent)9658
Change in Position11=Obi Wan - Kenobi Nil (Dave Thacker)7653
Change in Position11=Spatey's Second Team (Mark Spate)5653
Change in Position13I Love Michael Bolton (Jonathan Rudge)0639
Change in Position14GROENYS GANG (Mark Groen)0630
Change in Position15Sticky Hand Gang (Jonathan Rudge)0620
Change in Position16AFC Hilton (Matt Thompson)4606
Change in Position17Sheepdog Wanderers (Paul Taylor)8586
Change in Position18Fudgeballs (Jonathan Rudge)1575
Change in Position19The A Team (Graham Squires)4569
Change in Position20Asman FC (Navid Asman)0568
Change in Position21Daves XI (David Hall)4561
Change in Position22The Owls in Crisis Again (Colin Render)5555
Change in Position23Callum’s XI (Mark Spate)0553
Change in Position24Mykonos Jail FC (Pete Bonnett)4550
Change in Position25Spatey’s Fourth Team (Mark Spate)4548
Change in Position26Missing MDS (Adam Forrest)0536
Change in Position27Box Fresh (Dave Thacker)3503
Change in Position28What Happened To Norwich? (Emma Yardy)0497
Change in Position29My Opinion of Chris Cannot Be Higher (Bethany Truslove)10467
Change in Position30Who ate all the pies (Paul Taylor)6461
Change in Position31Grace’s Wonders (Colin Render)5448
Change in Position32Me, Tulisa, Pimlico and Bucket of Fish (Nilesh Mistry)6447
Change in Position33Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Dr Rachel Vincent)2446
Change in Position34Michael Bolton Wanderers (Graham Squires)3422
Change in Position35I've Had Time To Think (Paul Partington)0419
Change in Position36Cubs Are Evil (Susan Perry)2416
Change in Position37Who Has Entered This Team?!? (Edward Putman)0405
Change in Position38Megan and Ariana Grande (Dr Rachel Vincent)3366
Change in Position39You'll Never Walk Alone (Paul Partington)3339
Change in Position40L is for Lily (Dr Rachel Vincent)3326
Change in Position41Stapenhill FC (Graham Squires)2270
Change in Position42Daves Randoms (David Hall)0254

Table last updated: January 23rd 2021 (22:23)

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